National Thank a Teacher Day message from Chief Executive.

National Thank a Teacher Day message from Chief Executive.

On behalf of all at the Council for Catholic Maintained Schools I want to personally thank our dedicated School Leaders, Teachers, Teaching Assistants and School staff. I recognise your considerable efforts and professionalism as you provide holistic learning and make a difference in the communities you serve.

Catholic Schools promote the dignity and worth of every human person; the purpose and value of education; the relationship between education, family, and the local community; and the purpose and meaning of life itself. In an increasingly complex world, you inspire children and young people to reach their full potential and lay firm foundations for them to build a successful future.

Looking back over the last few years I continue to be impressed by the way you responded, innovated, and adapted to ensure that no child was left behind, and vital learning continued. I commend you as you continue to support children and young people as they re-adjust to the classroom environment and for the dedication you show to everyone in your care.

Through your endeavours Catholic Schools continue to be an exemplar of educational provision and contribute to the wellbeing of the education system as a whole through the pursuit of genuine excellence whilst remaining faithful to their distinctive culture, vision, and approach.

Once again, I thank you for your commitment and service to future generations. CCMS remains committed to supporting you as you deliver the high-quality learning experience synonymous with Catholic Maintained Schools.

Yours sincerely,

Gerry Campbell

Chief Executive

Council for Catholic Maintained Schools

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