Limavady Shared Education Campus diversity and inclusion celebrated by Hilary Clinton on visit.

Limavady Shared Education Campus diversity and inclusion celebrated by Hilary Clinton on visit.

Limavady Shared Education Campus is recognised as a leading example of shared education and inclusion.

Hilary Clinton visits the schools involved in the Limavady Shared Education Campus to award current and former Principals of Limavady High School and St. Mary’s High School honorary doctorates for their leadership in the Roe Valley community in promoting the vision of the Good Friday Agreement on its 25th Anniversary.

Michael Keenan CCMS Director of Education said:

“I am delighted to join with St Mary’s High School and their colleagues from Limavady High School, on this special occasion which acknowledges the efforts of the principals to promote inclusion and mutual understanding.”

“There is a temptation to blame schools for divisions and to assume dogmatically that there is only one educational solution to moving beyond a divided society. Limavady Shared Education Campus is a successful model where young people and their families, irrespective of their background, culture, or creed are brought together through shared resources to achieve their full potential.”

“Today is positive recognition of the immense work of all involved with both schools who faithfully committed to the ideal that in a shared society no child should ever be left behind.”

“Through mutual respect and understanding both schools continue to strive to educate and inspire every young person to develop themselves so that they can contribute to building the diverse society and economy of our shared future.”

Mark Baker Chief Executive, Controlled Schools’ Support Council added:

“As we recognise the achievements of Limavady High School and St. Mary’s High School and the difference shared education has made for generations of children and young people as well as the local Limavady community, it reinforces the need for a vision and strategy for education that includes everyone working together and all voices being listened to.”

“Shared education provides the opportunity for pupils from different backgrounds to come together, forge new friendships, experiences and access to a broader range of learning opportunities. CSSC supports our children and young people being educated together and believe that shared education is critical in our changing society.”

“Personally, I congratulate Darren and Rita. Today is a fitting testament to the legacy of these innovative school leaders and their predecessors.”

Bishop Donal McKeown Chair of the Council for Catholic Maintained Schools (CCMS) said:

“As Trustee of St Mary’s School and as Chair of the Council for Catholic Maintained Schools, I am delighted to be here in such distinguished company for this important event.”

“Shared Education in Roe Valley has sought a creative local way forward by cherishing diversity and seeing different traditions, not as a threat but as an enrichment. The Shared Education Campus is the culmination of efforts to break down barriers, end division and promote a unified strong society whilst successfully retaining each school’s ethos.”

“This long-standing educational partnership in Limavady celebrates how both schools can be a blessing on one another. It is thus a challenge to those who would neglect the richness of our increasingly varied identities and propose a vague secularist consensus as a solution to difference. Those who tell people to be ashamed of their traditions and identities do not enrich young minds. They impoverish them.”

“Today is a great opportunity to thank those who have worked tirelessly in these two schools to build success through collaboration. I thank all those outside Northern Ireland who have encouraged creativity so that our young people might face the future with hope and confidence.”

Pictured are: Current Principal of St Mary's High School Rita Moore, Former Principal Mary McCloskey, Bishop Donal McKeown Trustee of St Mary’s School and Chair of the Council for Catholic Maintained Schools, Michael Keenan Director of Education CCMS, Former Principal Sean Bradley and Former Principal Celine McKenna.

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