For Principals / Governors

CCMS Scheme of Management
(Download Whistle Blowing Policy here)
Council Position On Preparation For Unregulated Tests (Academic Selection)
Please also note the Department of Education Documents below
Circular 2022/15 - The procedure for transfer from primary to post-primary education
Post-primary transfer guidance from September 2016.
Dealing with Allegations of Abuse Against a Member of Staff
Download above as a word document
Effective Governance for High Quality Education
Exceptional Closure of Schools Due to Adverse Weather
Guidance on Boards of Governors and Schools on Schools Development Planning
Guidance to Boards of Governors and Schools on Schools Development Planning (Download)
ID Validation form govs and vols.2022 (Access NI)
Meeting the needs of Children with Special Educational Needs in Catholic Maintained Schools
Procedure for the Funding of Management Allowances in Catholic Maintained Schools
Provision of Nursery Schools and Nursery Units
Scheme for the Suspension and Expulsion of Pupils
Teacher Attendance Procedure
Tackling Underachievement Through Effective Leadership
Volunteer - Unsupervised
Whistle Blowing Policy
TNC 2014-06 Grievance Procedure
TNC 2016-02 Disciplinary Procedure for Teachers
TNC 2016-03 Disciplinary Procedure Notes of Guidance
2008-01 Format of Board of Governors Minutes
2009-18 Flexible Working Hours
2009-19 Temporary Variation to Contract
2009-20 Career Break Scheme
2009-21 TNC 2009/04 Job Share Scheme
2009-30 Policy and Procedure to Combat Bullying and Harassment
2010-13 Career Break Scheme - CCMS Circular
2012 Parental Complaints Procedure
2012-25 Code of Practice on Reporting Malpractice (Whistleblowing)-Updated
2013-15 Procedure for Supporting Effective Leadership by School Principals
2013-16 Procedure for Supporting Effective Teaching in Schools
2016-02 - TNC 2016/1 Appropriate use of the NISTR and Engagement of Substitute Teachers in all Schools
2016-10 - Termination of Temporary Employment
2019-05 Model School Parental Complaints Procedure

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